Selected Works

Touch Me Don’t Touch Me, 2017
Arts Council England & Rural Media
4k Video, 03.25minutes, Stills

Let Us Let Go2016
Glasgow Film & See Me Scotland Film Fund
HD Video, 09.29minutes, Stills

EXP_, 2016
Experimental shorts, HD Video
Stills from EXP_130716

Where We Are Now, 2016
Scottish Documentary Institute, Bridging The Gap
HD Video, 09.18minutes, Stills

Archive, 2016
Napkins, Lipstick, Mount, 1000mm

Mother Father2015
HD Video, 11.47minutes, Stills

Hers and Hers, 2015
Framed photographic prints, 1000x1900mm

Artist Book, Unpublished

Aftermath, 2015
Aluminium print under matte acrylic glass, 580x510mm

Domestic Politics, 2013
HD Video, 05.10minutes, Stills

Visual Language, 2013
HD Video, Documentation photographs

Blessed are the forgetful, 2013
HD Video Projection, Sound, Sculpture